What we do

As the National Domestic Abuse Helpline for Scotland, we offer information and support to anyone affected by abuse and work within the national standards.

The Helpline continually strives to meet the needs of all individuals and to reach into communities by offering a 24 hour telephone service to anyone affected by domestic and/or sexual abuse. We welcome your call and acknowledge and respect the fact that victims of abuse can be any age, from any race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, geographical area or isolated by language.

The Scottish Domestic Abuse Helpline is equal opportunities compliant in order to meet the needs of all victims of domestic and/or sexual abuse.

In addition to our free and confidential telephone service there is an e-mail and text service which offers a choice of methods of communication to victims of abuse. In particular those who are audibly impaired or those who are hesitant to make telephone contact will have access to the helpline e-mail and text service support 24 hours a day.
Multi lingual information and resource material is available as is the facility to use language line to support limited English proficiency victims of abuse.

The Helpline expands its diversity awareness and cultural competency by ongoing planned training and learning opportunities for all staff and volunteers.

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